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What is Reflexology?, from Association of Reflexologists
Reflexology is a kind of health therapy that works on the premise that various points on the face, ears, hands, lower legs and feet correspond to the different areas of the body. This resource from the Association of Reflexology provides a wealth of information regarding reflexology including its history, who and what it is for, and how reflexology can possibly eliminate daily stress and therefore promote better health. One can also find links to a reflexologist finder, different reflexology products, reflexology training, the ethical policy of the association, and a link to videos featuring how reflexology has helped people with various illnesses.

Natural Health University
Three naturopathic medicine physicians founded Bastyr University in 1978, naming it after their teacher, well known Seattle naturopathic doctor John Bastyr. It started out as a naturopathic medicine college, but has since grown tremendously, with campuses in Kenmore, WA and San Diego, CA, and offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate programs in more than 20 areas of study. In addition to naturopathic medicine, these include acupuncture and East Asian medicine, exercise science, counseling & health psychology, ayurvedic sciences, herbal sciences, midwifery, human biology, holistic landscape design, nutrition and public health. Bastyr is also a leading research university in natural health, having received many multi-million-dollar grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Today, Bastyr is recognized as the top educational center worldwide in natural health arts and sciences.

Chiropractic Infocenter in
The Chiropactic Infocenter in is a good place to start if you want to learn the basics about chiropractic. It provides site visitors with a history of this branch of medicine, and explains how it works. Find out what kinds of conditions may be treated through chiropractic, and the key principles used. Find out the difference between 'straight" and "mixers" when it comes to the approach chiropractors take, and read about safety and precautions associated with chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic does have its critics, and a section of the site is devoted to what they have to say about this type of treatment for medical conditions.

Kiatsu Healing
Kiatsu is the part of Aikido that focuses on the healing of injuries. It involves the application of pressure - usually from the thumb, or with three fingers (excluding the pinky) - onto that part of the body that is causing problems. As you press, you send positive energy, or ki, into the recipient's body. Kiatsu Ryoho (press with ki therapy) is about harnessing the infinited ki energy of the universe and delivering it to others for healting. This information page by Aikido Health Centre explains the five principles of Kiatsu Ryoho and also includes information about Aikido.

Laughter Therapy
A humorous web site about laughter therapy, featuring information about laughter workshops, jokes, humor therapy and more. This web site was made by someone who used laughter therapy to combat anxiety. A section of web sites is included, and a laughter therapy forum where you can discuss laughter therapy with other people who use it to feel better.

8 Reasons Why People Should Visit a Chiropractor Regularly
This is a guest post by Dr. Bill Davis. Dr. Davis, who has spent more than 15 years in chiropractic care, enumerates the eight benefits of visiting a chiropractor regularly. One of them is mood improvement, which he says based on a research. He also mentioned a study where the result suggests that people who underwent chiropractic care have 200% strong immune systems more than those who did not. Other benefits mentioned are having more energy and better sleep, fewer hospital admissions, feeling less pain, and spending less money for treatments.

History of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Take a step back into history to learn briefly about Traditional Chinese Medicine. This site gives a brief history of it, and says that it was developed over the past 5,000 years. Chinese medicine is based on the Taoist view of the universe where everything is interrelated. While Acupuncture is perhaps the most recognized area of TCM; herbal therapy, nutritional guidance, exercise, breath and meditation techniques, hydrotherapy, Chinese massage (Tui Na manipulations), and lifestyle counseling are all employed with herbal therapy actually comprising the most widely used modality of TCM.

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