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Yoga Exercises You Can Try at Home
Yoga is a practice that joins together the mind, the body and the spirit through proper posture, breathing and meditation. Its benefits include increased strength and flexibility, as well as relief from depression, anxiety, and stress. As such, it is recommended for people who have cardiac conditions. In this article, Heart Matters Magazine offers chair-based yoga exercises that are relatively safe for people with heart problems. The exercise sequence is part of the Cardiac Yoga program, which was developed by Cardiac Medical Yoga founder and director Dr. M. Mala Cunningham. The article explains how to do the yoga exercises in a safe way, starting from the brief relaxation at the beginning down to the modified chair-based poses and finally ending the exercise on a positive note.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?
Homeopathy is a natural and safe system of medication that aims to treat a person as a whole, instead of treating just the illness the person is suffering. According to the American Institute of Homeopathy, homeopathic medicine follows three principles for treatment. The first principle is that “likes cure likes.” This means that what causes the illness in an individual will give an indication of what the remedy is. The second principle is the minimum dose, which means that in homeopathy, only enough remedy is given to trigger the body’s healing response. The third is the single remedy, which is closely related to the second principle.

Meditation: A Simple, Fast Way to Reduce Stress
Stress can be caused by daily worries. Money troubles, relationship problems and work issues can cause anxiety and tension, affecting the quality of life. Fortunately, people can reduce stress through meditation, a simple and inexpensive practice that can be done anytime, anywhere. This resource by Mayo Clinic explains what meditation is, lists its benefits and differentiates the different types of meditation. These types include mindfulness meditation, tai chi, qi gong, yoga and Transcendental Meditation. The resource also includes the elements of meditation such as an open attitude, focused attention, relaxed breathing and a comfortable position. It also offers some simple ways to practice meditation.

Acupuncture, from MedlinePlus
Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice that originated from China. It involves the use of acupuncture needles that are inserted through the skin at various points of the body. Acupuncturists believe that these points, when stimulated, will release trapped chi or energy and bring forth healing. According to this resource by Medline Plus, science has not proven how acupuncture works but many studies have shown that this complementary alternative treatment works to relieve pain and stress, and helps to combat the side effects of surgery and chemotherapy. This resource also provides various links to sites that give information on acupuncture, journal articles and a clinical trial.

Reiki, from WebMD
Reiki is an ancient method of healing that aims to direct energy flow in the body in order to bring forth wellness. Reiki proponents are of the belief that the laying of hands of a Reiki practitioner on a person can help unblock that person’s chakras or energy centers, therefore allowing the energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. Reiki is a complementary and alternative therapy that is used to cope with pain, speed up healing, ease physical and emotional tension, and improve sleep. Reiki, however, must not be used in place of conventional therapy for cancer and other diseases.

Discover Why Your Chiropractor Uses the Cox Technic
Cox Technic is a method used to relieve pain in the arms, legs, neck, and back. It is a gentle alternative to surgery that is considered to be safe. This technique is used by more than half of practicing chiropractors. The Cox Technic web site provides helpful information for doctors and patients, including why it works so well. Get a detailed description of this technique, learn how to find a practitioner in their area, or sign up to receive free monthly case reports. Doctors can check out testimonials, find out where to get training in this technique, or see job listings on the site.

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