Organic Gardening Resources

Foods Not Lawns: Staying Organic
This organization ties in to the book Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard Into a Garden and Your Neighborhood Into a Community. The organization aims to work towards a thriving bioregion in the Pacific Northwest, and offer educational services. A useful section of Web resources to help people learn about organic food and organic living are provided, as well as a discussion list. Plenty of events are listed to promote the book and organic living.

6 Major Steps in Starting an Organic Vegetable Garden on
If you want to start your own organic vegetable garden, you should follow the six major steps, which are explained in this article at First, choose the right area for your garden. To do this, you should pick a location that has plenty of sunlight, near a water source, safe from harmful animals and insects, and has proper drainage system. Second, choose whether you like raised garden bed or an in-ground garden bed. When preparing the garden soil, know the right planting depth for the types of vegetables. The remaining steps involve buying the right seeds, and properly planting them.

Check Out Helpful Firepot Videos
Firepots can be a wonderful addition to your gardens and outdoors living areas. To find out how to use them properly, check out the selection of videos offered by YouTube. The videos include images of different types, and you will definitely want to spend some time scoping them out. This online collection also includes images of children who have been burned by a firepot, and this serves as a reminder to treat them with carefully and use caution at all times when around a flame.

The Home of Gardening Knowledge and Advice
Garden Advice serves up many how-to's, from garden design to organic gardens. Learn how to build a patio or grow the perfect lawn. Check out the weekly audio gardening calendar to get additional tips on how to grow anything from organic vegetables to water gardens. Garden Advice also has a membership program which promises to support your gardening endeavours by offering priority advice by email, a World of Gardening CD-Rom, video gardening calendar and special member benefits.

Become Organic, Stay Organic
For all things organic, a visit to the homepage of the Organic Trade Association is in order. The site features a newsroom about organic-related issues, and the organization focuses on the organic business community in the United States. It exists to protect the growth of organic trade to benefit farmers, the environment, the public and the economy. A book store, public policy and event section are offered so organic industry leaders can stay on top of the latest issues that affect organic food and organic food trade in North America.

Here's the site:

Or see samples of general home gardening.

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