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Low-Cost Bathroom Updates
Bathrooms are one of the most used and abused rooms in your home, yet they are also a serene and relaxing retreat to escape for a few moments each day. With that in mind, You might want to add some glam to your bathroom, and this slideshow shows you how to do it in a weekend or less with affordable makeover ideas. One example is adding dramatic mirror and glass, and chrome accent shelves and twel bars. You might also change out a dated light fixture with something new and dramatic. Another idea is giving a paint refresher to the vanity cabinet. Adding pullout shelves to deep cabinets will boost efficiency. Low-cost white field tiles is an inexpensive way to finish a shower suffound and lower portion of bathroom walls. Accent tiles can spice up the look, and visually link the shower and vanity area. Another possibility is to give your bath some charm and personality by seeking out vintage tubs, sincks, countertops, etc., at flea markets, architectural salvage yars and Internet aucution sites. These are just a few of the ideas covered.

Giving Your Bedroom an Oriental Look? Don't Forget the Indoor Wall Water Fountain!
If you want your bedroom to truly be a retreat away from the trials and tribulations of your everyday life, then why don't you create an Oriental theme in your decor? Part of achieving this look is painting or papering all the walls in the space. The next step will be to deal with lighting by installing a dimmer switch to achieve a softer ambiance when you are preparing for bed. Add Asian-inspired furniture and bedding in natural fabrics will help to complete the look. Adding an indoor wall water fountains in addition to vases, candles, and wall hangings will make your bedroom the peaceful retreat you are looking for.

Home Office Design
This article gives advice for setting up and decorating your home office. It discusses the equipment and technology needed to make sure it's functional, such as a second phone line. How to organize your home office and using décor to personalize your home office is discussed. Tips include investing in a simple filing system, don't collect paper, purchasing a book for bookkeeping, getting comfortable furniture, using baskets for filing, logging your expenses, organizing your tasks, establishing rules, and more. A section on mobile office technology and laptop cases is also offered.

Create a Home Office Design That Matches Your Lifestyle
The first thing to do when creating and decorating a home office is to decide what range of activities will take place within the home office space. Will the space simply be utilitarian, or will it double as a guest room or serve some other dual function? Make sure there are enough outlets and phone jacks for your office needs. When designing the look of your office begin with a focal point. A focal point gives the eye an initial point of interest so that it can begin to take in the interior landscape of a room with ease. Another design tip: arrange your room in an L- or a U-shape so that everything is within easy reach. Install the right lighting. Bad lighting not only diminishes the appearance of your office, it is also a strain on your eyes. Buy a comfortable chair. This cannot be stressed too much. Make sure you love your chair and that it is the right height and fits you comfortably. Next, make sure you have sufficient shelving. There are a lot more tips and tricks on this site for creating the perfect office. Click on Decorating Articles and you'll find 16 idea-packed articles on everything from basement lighting to ten ways to decorate a room in a weekend. If you need ideas, help, inspiration or practical advice, this is the site on which to begin your journey.

Dining Room Décor
Enjoy fine dining in a dining room that exudes style. The colors and textures of the dining room china, the shape and size of the table, the tablecloth and napkins, the stemware and flatware, any centerpieces, the lighting, and the greenery all affect the energy and look of a dining room. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a thousand pictures? This website provides a gallery of photos for all rooms in the house. The dining design gallery will give you ideas of such things as what wall colors work best in different types of dining rooms, what table styles look best and how to arrange the furniture, and how to choose stylish dining chairs that provide comfort.

15,430 Family Room Design Photos
Next to your dining room, your family room is one of the most important gathering places in your home. usually found next to the kitchen and with access to any outdoor living space, family are supposed to be cause and informal—a place where you can sit and reat a book, or watch television with family or friends. Therefore, it’s very important to try to make the family room a pleasant, happy place for relaxing family times. Make decorating the family room a genuine family effort, so that everyone can feel a part of, and enjoy the decorating results. There should be no lack of ideas after going through the 15,430 photos on for family room design. Many of these photos have some descriptive copy that highlights key features to take note of.

Kid's Room Design
You'll find loads of great decorating for kids' rooms. Use themes to simplify kids decorating, get ideas on budget nursery decor, learn how to prepare a room for a new child being adopted, and see the luxurious furniture and accessories that celebrities are buying for their children -- plus lots of projects and ideas. Includes how to find inspiration for kids rooms, furniture and apparel for kids that is luxurious, room décor for an adopted child, versatile children's décor, decorating boys rooms, decorating girls rooms, advice on long-lasting décor and more information.

Functional Kitchen Design
Kitchen design includes replacing or enhancing many of the functional aspects of your kitchen, such as cabinets, appliances, storage areas, walkways, countertops, etc. Overall, your kitchen will look beautiful from a functional and architectural standpoint, but you will still have to decorate it. This article discusses easy ways to decorate your kitchen with cabinetry, picture frame lights, containers and sculptures. Do-it-yourself ideas include using plants in the kitchen for décor, building your own kitchen tree, updating a kitchen chandelier, and creating kitchen crafts. Links to easy kitchen ideas, spicing up your kitchen and kitchen décor themes.

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