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Inspiring Rug Designs
If you're a rug hooker looking for some fresh inspiration, this site is a must-see. The designs by Sandra Brown are mostly nature-centered: dogs, leaves, trees, scenery. And they're all gorgeous. This page specifically discusses the art of rug hooking, which Brown says is one of the easiest and most centering handcrafts in the world of fiber art. To start, one needs backing of either burlap (rug weight works best), cotton cloth (such as monk's cloth or rug warp) or linen, a hook and some wool cut into strips to hook into your backing, and rug hooking frame. Rug hookers often purchase a cutter machine if they prefer an alternative to hand-cutting the wool. You can start with a pattern already printed for you by the dozens of design houses or draw your own pattern on the backing and begin choosing colors to fill the pattern. Finding other rug hookers to learn from and visit is also good for beginners, so the site offers information on other rug hookers.

Penny Rug Background, History
They don't lie on the floor, and pennies aren't used to make them. But many rug makers have adopted penny rug making into their creative mix. Penny rugs are decorative coverings for beds, tables and mantles. They were even used as wall hangings. They seemed to have started around the time of the Civil War in the United States, and are made out of felted wool scraps that are appliquéd with a blanket stitch to a wool background. Some designs feature circles (or pennies.) Coins such as pennies were used as templates for the circle appliqués, thus the name penny rug." This webpage gives some history into penny rugs, and is very informative.

Making a Toothbrush Rug
A toothbrush rug? There is such a thing, and this article touches on what a toothbrush rug is and how to make one, and provides complete video instructions. The toothbrush rug is made with a stitch similar to a buttonhole stitch around a fabric core. Though it resembles a braided rug, it requires only half the fabric it takes to make a braided rug. A crocheted rug takes the same amount of fabric, but the toothbrush rug is softer than a crocheted rug. The rug maker advises to use up fabrics from other craft projects and tying them into toothbrush rugs. The rug-maker also says they can match quilts if you use quilt remnants in them. A creative idea for a stunning match-up in any room of your choice.

Green Lake Rug Camps
This is the homepage Mary Flanagan Woolens, but you should be able to quickly find the page for the Green Lake Rug Camp in the navigation. The camp is held annually at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin, and usually in September, with registration open in January. Participants enjoy rug hooking with renowned teachers, premier hotel accommodations located on the Conference Center grounds, with meals included. It’s a great time to hone your rug hooking skills, visit Wisconsin and meet others who enjoy the craft. Camp highlights typically include a welcome dinner, a non-juried rug gallery of rugs made by participates (also open to the public during specified hours), a store where participants can place items on consignment, a night out to explore the area, optional mini-classes, and various activities to do such as golf, tennis, hiking, fishing, boating and more.

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