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Strength Exercises for Elderly People on About.com
Seniors still need to exercise so they can attain total body strength. In this set of exercises at , elderly people can improve their flexibility, stability and balance. To perform them, they may need an exercise ball, a resistance band a medicine ball, dumbbells, a chair and a step or staircase. However, you should consult first with your doctor before trying any of them. This is to avoid any further injury if you have any pain or other conditions that needs medication. Some of the drills mentioned here are chair squat, ball taps, step ups, wall push up, lateral raises, bird dog, and seated rotations. Each exercise comes with a step-by-step procedure and photos as additional guide.

Medicare Information and Updates for Seniors
Have questions regarding Medicare? This is an easy-to-use website that has information updated regularly from real people about using and benefiting from Medicare. Topics include using Medicare and Medicaid and understanding your Medicare options. It also allows you to compare your Medicare plan options and find information on the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Stay on top of important Medicare changes that may affect your coverage—subscribe to the free e-newsletters that can help you stay informed about health care benefits and options. Learn about discount prescription drugs and discount prescription drug programs for seniors.

Care and Safety Tips for the Elderly
Seniors can take very simple steps to make sure they are safe at all times. Topics include building an accessible bathroom for the elderly or disabled, safety tips for seniors walking in the winter, preventing falls for elders and exercise tips. The site discusses topics such as memory loss, housing and care management, caregiving, nutrition, health and wellness, finances, government resources and egal issues. More topics include a home safety checklist for seniors, how-to home safety tips, security tips, Alzheimerís care and more.

Senior Living Guide.com
Senior Living Guide.com is a senior housing and service resource guide for seniors and their family, to more easily find, on a nationwide basis, housing, retirement communities, assisted living, adult communities, as well as nursing homes and Alazheimer's care and other relevant services such as in-home health care. The site also contains a Senior Style Info and Entertainment guide acovering such information as dealing with difficult family situations, travel and leisure, health and fitness, medical matters, benefits and legal issues, finances and estate planning, cooking and recipes, virtual travel, and things to challenge seniors mentally to stay sharp. There's also an Ask Karla forum for asking personal questions.

5 Healthy Foods for Seniors on WebMD.com
As you age, there are foods that you should definitely avoid. But if you want to know which foods are good for your health, this article at WebMD.com explains five of them. They are colorful fruits and vegetables, dairy products such as milk, whole grains being rich in B vitamins and fiber, foods that are rich in protein such as lean meat, and fish with Omega-3s including salmon, mackerel, and tuna. These food tips were supported by Diane Stadler, PhD, RD, and a research assistant professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University.

Traveling with Senior Citizens
Get a personal account of traveling overseas with this useful article. In it, a woman discusses traveling to Italy with her 78-year-old mother. The first thing you should do is surrender to the primary focus of the trip; this one is not all about you, it is about your beloved elderly parent, grandparent, friend, or relative. You must adjust your very notion of travel, time, agendas, schedules, and goals; I found that I was constantly reminding myself that I have plenty more trips in my future and this one would be solely for my Mom and I to enjoy together, says the other. She also recommends considering the destination, as some seniors arenít as mobile. The author also used a house rental instead of a hotel, which provided more comfort for her mother. Get some useful tips as a caregiver if you want to plan a trip with an elderly citizen.

Senior Health: A to Z
Learn more about elder health and how you can prevent conditions and treat existing conditions you may have. This site explores topics such as senior abuse and neglect, coping with Alzheimerís disease, care management, aging parents, depression and suicide, drugs, exercise plans, facing loneliness as a senior, caring for aging parents, choosing a caregiver, alcohol, nutrition, shingles, Parkinsonís disease, osteoporosis, health risks in seniors, fall prevention, and senior sexual health. A great place to turn to when you want the latest senior health information.

Discount Travel Tips for 50+ Seniors
If youíre over the age of 50, you can get some wonderful travel deals. According to some estimates, people who are age 50 and older account for nearly 80 percent of all leisure travel spending, the author says. The elderly have more discretionary income than other travels, and take longer vacations. So with all the elder travel discounts out there, this article will help you find out which ones are best. Tips include securing senior travel discounts early, using travel agents and the Internet, getting the best deals, finding bargaining power for travel trips, and more. A very useful site about senior travel to help you plan your next vacation!

Here's the site: ElderLivingResources.com.

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