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You Can Do It—Installing Bathroom Sinks Made Easy With
If your home improvement project includes ripping out an old bathroom sink in lieu of a new one, or constructing a new bathroom altogether, you're certain to have a new bathroom sink in your future. This site can guide you through the installation process and offer some great tips, including choosing the right tools and materials, making sure you buy the right-sized sink for your bathroom vanity cabinet and the actual placement of the sink and plumbing connection. And if you're not a do-it-yourselfer, there's also a link to a tool that'll let you find a pre-screened bathroom remodeling contractor in your area.

Find Out About Roofing Repair Techniques takes on the topic of roofing repair here. Find out how to repair a leak in different types of roofing materials, including ones constructed with shingles or wood. Roofing repairs to flat roofs and open roof valleys are covered, along with the right way to repair vent pipes and maintain the gutters on your home.

Outdoor Fire Pits—Tips & DIY Resource Guide
If you like the idea of having an outdoor fire pit, check out the list of resources and how-to's posted here. The instructions would be helpful for a person looking to enhance their backyard or lakefront property with fire pits. Find out how to install a steel fire bowl, fieldstone or an economical version with manhole blocks. Helpful tips, such as checking with your local municipality before installing your fire pit, and safety precautions all owners of fire pits need to keep in mind are also included. Campfire recipes and suggestions for homemade fire starters complete the information posted here.

Get Out Of The Sun—Here's How To Cover Your Porch
The Reliable Remodeler has some advice for porch owners thinking about constructing a cover for their outdoor living space. This short article is a quick read with useful advice and factors to consider prior to building, such the evaluating the current structure for any signs of weakness, such as rot, and the availability of supporting posts. There's also a link to information on building an insulated roof, which can extend the life of your porch and the length of time you can use it comfortably during the year.

Treat Your Garage Floor To Some TLC With These Tips From
Garage floors are treated to some of the toughest wear and tear in the course of living in any home. Ensuring a long, healthy life for your garage is a great step to take during the home construction process or as part of a remodeling project. has a comprehensive article on the process of applying a garage floor coating. It includes general information in addition to customization options such as slip resistance and multicolor flake application during the epoxy process. The site also offers links to a contractor finder and product and supplier information.

Remodeling The Loo? Here's A How-To For Replacing A Toilet
Replacing an older toilet with a new one can be a straightforward process, especially when you use a simple write-up like this one at The site includes a detailed list of tools and materials required for this remodeling project, along with schematics for the rough-in dimensions on a 12-inch, two-piece toilet. You'll find a four-step process detailed for the removal of your older toilet, and a seven-stpe process for installing a new one.

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