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US Powerboating Instruction
US Powerboating offers best-of-breed powerboat training and education to students at different skill levels, from novice to complete experts. The organization's website lists all the available power boating courses, their locations, and the course fees. If a course that you are looking for is not listed on the site, then contact the office of US Powerboating for more information. The best part of the learning experience at this training center is the access to real boats and real water driving experience.

National Electric Drag Racing Association
The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) is an organization whose primary function is to promote Electric Vehicles (EV) awareness and to encourage advanced research in electric vehicle technology. NEDRA fulfils its functional obligations by sanctioning safe and entertaining EV drag racing events. NEDRA is a coalition of EV manufacturers, EV parts vendors, EV drag racing vehicle owners and drivers, drag racing fans, and patrons interested in promoting EV drag racing. The global drag racing community is actively working to raise public awareness of EVs and EV technology through this exciting sport.

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Go Kart Racing
This Overdrive Raceway blog post discusses five interesting points related to go karts. Go karts are low-risk, gadget-free racing machines that can keep an entire family entertained for days. In a go kart, the driver has to be alert about navigating the accelerator, the brakes, and the steering. Go karts may be a budget-friendly way to learn car driving without running into problems such as traffic tickets for going over the speed limit. Although the risk of danger is quite low, some indoor go karts come with seat belts and bumpers. The five facts of go karting are: Americans of all age groups participate in go karting, many pro racers begin their careers on go karts, go karts are easy and safe to drive, electric karts have ushered in indoor go karting, and corner driving skills enhance speed.

U.S. Formula 1 (F1) Powerboat Tour on Twitter
Formula 1 on Twitter helps to promote the car racing event to a global audience. Twitter encourages car racing fans and enthusiasts to share their comments, opinions, and insights on live media to trigger a lively discussion or debate. The best way to publicize a famous sporting event is through social media. Twitter coverage includes video flashes and snapshots. The fans who are not fortunate enough to see the event live get immense pleasure by discussing the finer points of the sports event with other followers. Some days the tweets will be more frequent than other days.

Motorsport Trivia Quizzes and Games
Sporcle, a leading provider of online trivia, has acquired nearly one million user-generated quizzes on different topics, including motorsport. The motorsport trivia quizzes are quite popular on this platform. The live trivia shows on motorsport have been showcased in bars and restaurants across the country. The Maps, slideshows, picture click, and multiple choice questions on motorsport have generated worldwide responses and applause for the entertainment angle of the Sporcle platform. Sporcle also offers trivia on iOS and Android devices.

The Field guide to Watching Motorsports
The Field Guide to Watching Motorsports allows you to learn more about the different types of motorsports across the world. Right from Formula One and Moto GP to World Endurance Championship and World Rally Championship, this unique article is truly an eye-opener. It offers an insight into each type of motorsport, the best tracks for each motorsport, the top three teams dominating each category and of course the driver that you should be keeping an eye out for. With so many racing competitions taking place, this article offers important details so that you can choose the right motorsport to watch the moment the season begins.

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