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Benefits of Investing in Hotel Real Estate
Novo Apart Hotel in this article tells why investing in a hotel real estate is a smarter decision than investing in a conventional residential real estate market. Traditionally, both real estate investments have rental yield. However, as most of you must be aware that a hotel real estate is managed and run by commercial establishments, which yields commercial rent. Moreover, your property is in the hands of professionals who will keep it in the best condition to earn more income from it. Though the waiting period might be slightly higher side, no doubt hotel real estate is a smarter choice for real estate investors now.

Real Estate Investing 101
Teresa Brooke is a national-level speaker, trainer, and consultant. Her courseware titled Real Estate Investing 101 is all about getting financial house in order for a real estate investor. This simple yet insightful presentation can teach both novice and experienced real estate investors about managing their personal finances. Real investments need careful personal finance planning as ROIs on investments can fluctuate to a great degree from expected estimates. This simple course teaches how to track income and expenses, how to use a spreadsheet, and how to create an annual financial report card to assess annual financial performance. This course is available for download.

Three Things That Make a Great Real Estate Investment
Planning to buy or invest in real estate? This article by Forbes is a must read then. The article starts by listing out what your exact goals should be while venturing into this investment arena. Once you have listed out your goals, the article tells you how you should negotiate, set terms and conditions and exit the investment along with some handsome profits, a fat bank balance and of course, a smile on your face. You can also learn more about real estate investment by reading similar articles on the magazine website.

Should You Invest in Barcelona Real Estate?
Forbes gives you some good reasons to join the league of overseas investors and buy a property in Barcelona. As Spain recovers from its recession, there are many international investors ready to be a part of its real estate market. Reasons like loan defaults and promising housing index are only a few reasons that interested business giants like Azora and Goldman Sachs to invest in Barcelona properties. In this article, we see that Omri Barzilay interview Tine Mathiassen, owner of the Casamona Real Estate and a principal real estate broker to help people get a better understanding about this market.

Miami Real Estate Blog
The Miami Condo Ideas blog shares a common concern about the future prospects of Miami real estate market. Although Donald Trump has promised lower taxes and regulated immigration, dollar strength and strained relationships with other countries may have a direct impact on this market. Typically, foreign investors bring in a lot of cash flow into the Miami RE market, but now with changed political faces, foreign investors may be reluctant to invest here. The silver lining is that the domestic U.S. economy is strong enough to support the Miami real estate market. Donald Trump himself has major real estate investments in Florida. Thus he will probably woo foreign investors into Miami. People are patiently watching the RE market movements in Miami right now, but everyone is hoping real estate prices will decline in the near future. Now even the Chinese nationals are expressing interest in the Miami real estate market.

Condo Hotel Concepts
This is the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) page on the Condo Hotel Center. The FAQ covers about 15 questions and answers covering various aspects of condo hotel investments. Some of the queries includes in this FAQ are what is the essence of the condo hotel concept, what are the benefits of condo hotel ownership, what is the role of the condo hotel operator, the nature of the business agreement between the condo hotel buyer and the hotel management company. Anyone seriously contemplating investments in condo hotels should read this FAQ first to gain a solid foundation in condo hotel investments.

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