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12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation
Meditation is a habit that trains the mind to focus and redirect one’s thoughts. People practice meditation for many reasons, one of which is stress reduction. People also meditate to develop concentration, to improve their self-discipline, to have a positive outlook and to increase their threshold for pain. But is meditation really effective? This article lists 12 benefits of meditation that are backed by scientific studies. These benefits include decreased blood pressure, increased pain control, improved sleep, reduced age-related memory loss, and a longer attention span. The studies mentioned in this article also prove that meditation is effective in controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health, enhancing self-awareness, and increasing willpower to ward off addictions.

Real Advice on Using Noni Juice
Are you interested in using noni juice? If so, you can talk to other people on this noni juice forum to meet others and discuss the positives and negatives to noni juice use. Whether you're interested in Tahitian noni or Hawaiian noni, this forum will give you the noni information you need before you buy noni juice online.

The Path to Total Natural Health
The Place for Achieving Total Health, PATH Medical is a patient care center for complete health care devoted to body and mind wellness. Based in the northeast, it offers complete primary care, and treats neurological, psychiatric, cardio logical, gastroenterological, pulmonary, gynecological, and hematological disorders. Children and adults are treated here and you can use the Web site to learn more about alternative medicine. Services and highlights of the PATH Medical system are highlighted and one can join and get free health information and a free phone consultation with one of the doctors.

Holistic Health Tools
This site equips its users with alternative health and holistic information. The site addresses body, mind and spirit. You can learn about natural holistic remedies through the reliable sources offered here. Included are holistic products and alternative health services such as supplements for male and female health and performance, children's health, general health, enzymes, herbals, books, self-help, clean air and water, problem skin care, daily skin care, weight loss, detox products, quality sleep products, water filters, holosync tapes, subliminal tapes, bodywork therapies, Reiki, holistic health articles, and much more. Healing is only a click away with this source for holistic health and alternative healing.

A Comprehensive Resource for Chiropractic and Alternative Care Options
At the National Institutes Of Health web site, you'll find this web page, devoted to educating visitors on the breadth of alternative medicine options available for consumers, and specifically, chiropractic care. It's an excellent first resource for anyone interested in learning more about chiropractic medicine, with information detailing why someone may choose a chiropractor for their pain management needs, an overview and history of chiropractic care, what to expect should you select a chiropractor, what qualifications a patient should look for in their doctor, insurance issues, and the potential risks and side effects. The page also includes a helpful link to more information on spinal manipulation.

The Herbal Encyclopedia
Look up anything about herbs here. You can start with herbal healing for pets, herbs and menopause, herbs for men, herbs for women and herbs for children. A glossary of herbal terms is also included, as is a useful herbal safety section. You can also learn about herbal combinations for healing and illnesses, how to gather and store herbs and browse articles about herbs and other natural health topics. A section on herbs for fertility and pregnancy is also included. This is a very useful, comprehensive resource for herbal information.

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